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Three tips for cleaning spring data

The long hard winter is finally over! It’s starting to feel like spring-the sun is shining, temperatures are heating up, and businesses everywhere are cleaning up their customer data!

Although some companies dread the intensive process of ensuring that all the information in a database is current and accurate, others see this activity for what it is: proactive behavior that will lead to a more positive customer experience. By removing inconsistencies from database records (and erasing inactive users), contact center agents will be far more likely to have the information needed by most service customers completely and efficiently-leading to a customer base. happier and more loyal.

Here are three tips to start cleaning up spring data.

1. clear duplicates

Duplicate records decrease efficiency and increase customer discomfort exponentially. Record the time your agents would otherwise spend to compile information between multiple database records by sorting your records by name and combining all duplicate user information. You can greatly improve the customer experience and reduce costs by preventing customers from having to repeat the information each time they interact with customer support.

2. Keep it relevant

Is your database filled with unnecessary information? Although it’s necessary to have enough information, collecting too much can overload your agents and your database – not to mention discouraging your customers from filling out forms or contacting your support representatives!

Take a long, hard look at the information you gather about your customers. Is everything necessary? What is the purpose of each piece of data? If you can not answer these questions, it’s time to eliminate the data.

3. research, research, research

There is no way around this aspect of data cleansing. Someone (or a lot of someone) needs to spend time looking for each record to ensure accuracy and completion. This can be accomplished through many techniques including, but not limited to:

call customers (by internal staff or the outsourced call center)
data verification emails
verify information when customers interact with the contact center
verification of direct mailings
hire an external firm to verify the information

Regardless of what unique technique or combination your company will use, be sure to evaluate the work spent after each cleaning to make sure it is the most effective and efficient solution for your company.

From time to time, each company will have to repeat the data cleansing process. However, all subsequent cleaning cycles will not be as intensive as the first one. When you repeat the process, you begin to find the most effective methods for your business.

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